Business solutions (ERPS and POS)

business-solutionsWe offer easy to learn and use fully integrated business management solutions that help increase the productivity of people and the processes across your organization. Whether you are a startup business, small/medium sized business or large organization; we have a solution for you.

Vision-To be center of excellence in provision of quality software solutions.

Mission-To consistently provide our customers with the best fit software solutions through our innovative software products, quality implementations and steady support.

We have the following business solutions

  • Point of sale solutions for small businesses    
  • Accounting for small business
  • One application for all business processes

Hardware Solutions


HM Corporations Limited, offers wide range of hardware from computers, laptops, printers, scanners, copiers, tablets, phones, cameras and their peripherals like memories, batteries, chargers, laptop screens to name but a few.

We provide quality branded items with stipulated warranty period. We provide goods with local warranty centers for convenience of our clinets.We have 30-60 days credit period depending on the loyalty of our clients. We have free delivery of goods within Kenya and soon extending to the rest of African market.

Cloud Solutions

office 365With the strategic shift to cloud services, many organisations are rapidly adopting the cloud as a platform for providing replacements for traditional on-premise applications and storage.  Our partnerships, skills and experience in implementing solutions for our customers enables us to provide innovative solutions in the cloud.

Understanding the various options of public cloud, private cloud, hosting or hybrid models can overwhelm many organizations as they attempt to transition to the new world of cloud computing. We will guide you through the many options available and help you understand which strategy is right for your organisation.

General Office Supplies


We can supply general office supplies for all your office needs, from the basic paper work requirements. All the office requirements shall be delivered right at your door step and quality is not compromised. We believe in setting a mark in automated and office solutions provision in retail and wholesale basis we have a case-specific solutions and accessories that may be useful in your particular situation.

Networking Solutions & Technical Services

networksYour business grows rapidly, having a robust, flexible and scalable network infrastructure is imperative.

At HRC Limited, our approach to building a network that involves assessment of the current infrastructure, understanding the customer’s unique requirements, designing an optimal solution and finally deploying it. The focus is on “solutions integration “rather than “system integration”. 


Today, organizations worldwide are facing a number of challenges in managing their mission critical IT infrastructure with higher efficiency and lower total cost of ownership. IT infrastructure downtime can have a devastating impact on your business, often resulting in lost revenue, dissatisfied customers and damaged credibility in the market place.

Software Solutions

software-solutions banner

HM Corporations Limited offers integrated solutions that are designed for you and your business. From complex systems in multiple locations to integrated offices in small businesses, we work with you to find the appropriate solutions that allow you to meet your business demands. We maintain and consistently pursue “partner” and authorized reseller “status with the best manufacturers in the industry.

We can supply all your software needs, from the basics(like windows and MS office) through to utilities,antivirus,specialists solutions,etc.We also provide software installations and  or training services.